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Adding items to "Favourite Lines"
I wonder if the feature within this Forum, headed "Favourite Lines" was ever made available to the general public (to include theirs), or if it is or was reserved for dedicated people? I suspect the latter as otherwise, the Forum would be inundated with people's favourites.
Tue 13/02/24 08:05 AM
The Favourite Lines project was a year-long collaboration carried out by Collin Langley, whose idea it was, Kits Browning and myself (Ann Willmore). It took place in 2009, and after a year, the project was closed. Because the Favourite Lines project had been so successful and provided such a unique and important record, we agreed it was vital to keep the whole document online when the website was updated. During the project, Collin worked particularly hard at contacting well-known people who had a connection with Daphne du Maurier and also members of her family. However, a large proportion of the entries came in from the general public. You can read more about it in the opening paragraphs of the Favourite Lines section by clicking on the menu on the right-hand side of the home page.Posted on Tue 13/02/24 02:29 PM
Thank you very much Anne. I have often wondered about it and appreciate your kind response. With respectful regards. Posted on Tue 13/02/24 06:10 PM

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TOPIC: Adding items to "Favourite Lines"

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