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Daphne du Maurier

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We provide the forum 'as is' and accept no responsibility for any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage, expenses, or legal fees arising from or connected to any comments made on the forum.

Unless indicated otherwise, the comments posted on the forum are personal views, and do not represent our views.

We make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy of the information contained in forum postings.

We endeavour to monitor the forum as closely as possible and reserve the right to remove any unlawful, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate material. If you see any such material in the forum please contact us.

The forum is intended to encourage sensible and constructive discussion. You can post to the forum at any time including evenings and weekends, however, postings will only appear on the forum once they have been approved by the forum administrator. The forum will be checked on a regular basis to ensure postings are reviewed and cleared as soon as is practicable.

We ask that users act responsibly when posting. Any repeated misuse of the forum will result in the user being banned.

Do not make postings that could be judged to be:

  • Defamatory - Adversely affecting the reputation of a clearly identifiable person, company or organisation.
  • Personal - Including private information about yourself or other people.
  • Harassing - Harassment is unwanted conduct (including insults and ‘jokes’) affecting the dignity of another, including written attacks on another person. Such conduct could relate to gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability or other similarly sensitive issues.
  • Obscene - Material that is offensive, indecent or pornographic, including any material of a sexual nature.
  • Offensive - Material that might reasonably be expected to cause distress to others. Postings should be civil, tasteful and polite. They should not be mean-spirited, or contributed with the intention of causing trouble. They should not include vulgar language. They should show respect for users of all ages and abilities.
  • Confidential - Any information, disclosure of which would constitute a breach of the common law duty of confidentiality.
  • An incitement - Any posting that seeks to influence another to the commission of a criminal offence.
  • In contempt of court - Disclosing information about live court proceedings before that information has been heard in court or where reporting restrictions are in place.
  • Advertising - Postings advertising a service or business.
  • Party political - Postings that are clearly party political in nature. This is particularly relevant during elections, and those postings that canvass support for, or opposition to, any political party.
  • In breach of copyright - Postings that may infringe any of the laws governing copyright. (We accept no liability whatsoever for any actionable breach of such laws).
  • Duplicate or overly trivial repetitive or trivial postings.
  • Spamming or off-topic material.
  • Impersonation - Postings perceived as impersonating another through user name or views.
  • One to one arguments. Such postings should be conducted through private email and not through public discussion.

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