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Daphne du Maurier

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The du Maurier family and those associated with it

The du Maurier dynasty is a remarkable one, scattered with men and women with a variety of artistic talent.  There is a charm and warmth of compassion in many of them but also a sense of melancholy and depression, which runs through the family and crosses generations.  Within the generations we often find important links to the military and strong women supporting their artistic relatives, allowing them to follow their dreams.  The lives of the du Mauriers, and the people that they associated with, build into a fascinating tale that sits well beside the story-telling of their most famous daughter.

During the coming months we plan to write about the many fascinating people who played a part in the du Maurier family.  As with all areas of this website we would be delighted to receive input and information from everyone who finds this site interesting, so that we can build a broad picture of all things du Maurier and make this site a really excellent resource.