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Forgotten Factor project
I am wondering if anyone has information about this question. I have come across archival letters from April 1947 that indicated du Maurier was, at least briefly, working on a screenplay version of the Moral Re-Armament play "The Forgotten Factor." This project was never completed. I am looking for any additional information that might help me understand how she became connected to the project and/or what happened with it. (Two film versions of the play were made some years later but she did not have any connection with them.) Or if you have ideas about where I might look for more answers, I would be happy for suggestions!
Sat 09/12/23 07:59 AM
Replies to this question can be entered on the Forum so that we can all benefit from the information, or you can email replies directly to Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website).Posted on Sat 09/12/23 08:01 AM

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TOPIC: Forgotten Factor project

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