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Magazine essay on 'Rebecca' by author of thrillers
Years ago, I read a wonderfully astute analysis of 'Rebecca' in an American magazine, written by a woman who is a very successful author of thrillers. Unfortunately, I've lost the article and don't remember the name of the writer. I've searched the archives of likely venues -- The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books -- to no avail. I would greatly appreciate any memories or research advice that might help me track it down!
Mon 06/02/23 09:03 AM
This post was submitted by Lynn Brenner. Her email address is: If you have any information regarding her enquiry you can contact her direct or post your reply here at the Forum so that everyone can share. Posted on Mon 06/02/23 09:06 AM

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TOPIC: Magazine essay on 'Rebecca' by author of thrillers

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