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Du Maurier inspection copy request from Joan Kahn 1974
I bought a shelf of second hand books from a shop in Fowey, which included an inspection copy of By The North Door, that is described as having shades of Rebecca. Inside was a letter to du Maurier from Joan Kahn - widely regarded as the preeminent mystery/suspense editor of her time - asking for a comment. I had imagined the book had reached du Maurier but as the letter is dated 1974 and addressed as below, it perhaps never did Daphne Du Maurier Lady B Menalilly Park Cornwall I
Sat 13/08/22 08:05 PM
Many thanks to Austin Core for this interesting Forum Post. By the North Door was written by British writer Meg Elizabeth Atkins and published in the UK and the US in 1975. It was the first in a series of three books about Inspector Henry Beaumont. Joan Kahn worked for the book’s US publisher Harper Row, so it is likely that she sent the inspection copy to Daphne du Maurier in the hope that she would write a positive comment about the book that would help with its publicity. Daphne du Maurier was sent many books from publishers with this aim in view. By 1974 Daphne was living at Kilmarth, but I would like to think that the 1970s Fowey postmen were as amazing as they are now and that they would have made sure the book was delivered to her, despite the very random address information. Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website).Posted on Sat 13/08/22 08:07 PM

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TOPIC: Du Maurier inspection copy request from Joan Kahn 1974

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