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The Loving Spirit
In The Loving Spirit , Daphne mentions that the “Janet Coombe “stops at St Michaels for fruit etc.. Where exactly is St Michaels ? Many Thanks
Fri 25/03/22 09:06 AM
St Michaels, also known as Sao Miguel, is an island in the Azores. In the novel The Loving Spirit, the ship Janet Coombe is a schooner. She is based on the actual ship Jane Slade. Although she carried many different cargos, Jane Slade was a fruit schooner. She made trips from the island of St Michaels in the Azores carrying cargos of fruit. Daphne du Maurier would have based the routes taken by Janet Coombe on those taken by Jane Slade. Ann (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website. Posted on Fri 25/03/22 09:11 PM

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TOPIC: The Loving Spirit

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