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Daphne signed letters
I have several letters from Dame Daphne to the author Beverley Nichols are you interested
Mon 08/11/21 12:06 PM
Daphne signed letters. The letters among many others from famous people of the 30s 40s 50s were found two years ago at my late motherís home. Posted on Mon 08/11/21 12:09 PM
Daphne du Maurier's letters are always interesting, and from them, we glean all sorts of details about her and the times she lived in. It is particularly interesting when she writes to famous or well-known people because that additionally puts her life in context with theirs and provides a timeline of the era she and others belonged to. We are sure that the followers of our website would be very interested to see the letters you found among your mother's possessions. I will email you separately with suggestions on how we could include images of your letters on the Daphne du Maurier website. Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website)Posted on Mon 08/11/21 12:10 PM
I have two signed letters I would like to donate .Could you please forward me the proceeder to do this .Posted on Wed 22/02/23 10:46 AM

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TOPIC: Daphne signed letters

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