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Autobiographie von Gertrude Lawrence
Gertrude Lawrence veröffentlichte meines Wissens viele Liebesbriefe der du Maurier in der Autobiographie "A Star danced". Dadurch erfuhr doch letztlich die ganze Welt von Daphnes Leidenschaft für die Gertrude, was doch die du Maurier lebenslang verheimlichen wollte - ihr Lesbizismus sollte nicht "ruchbar" werden. Nirgends jedoch las ich von irgendwelchen Reaktionen - von welcher Seite auch immer - zu diesen Veröffentlichungen. Auch die sehr detaillierte und einfühlende Biographie von Margaret Foster schrieb davon nichts. -- Was hab´ ich da übersehen? Dank für eure Hinweise und Hilfen.... Ronald Tannheiser; Hamburg (Germany)
Fri 18/06/21 08:00 AM
To help anyone who cannot read German, I have translated this forum entry for you: To my knowledge, Gertrude Lawrence published many love letters of du Maurier in the autobiography "A Star Danced". As a result, the whole world finally learned about Daphne's passion for Gertrude, which the du Maurier wanted to hide for life - her lesbianism was not to become "nefarious". Nowhere, however, did I read of any reactions - from whichever side - to these publications. Even the very detailed and empathetic biography of Margaret Foster did not write anything about it. -- What did I miss? Thanks for your hints and help.... Ronald Tannheiser; Hamburg (Germany). Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website)Posted on Sat 19/06/21 05:25 PM
To provide some information for the person who put the piece about Gertrude Lawrence on the Daphne du Maurier website Forum Page on 18th June 2021, and to seek more information, if anyone can help, we have written an article entitled 'Gertrude Lawrence and the du Mauriers', which can be found on our Interesting Facts page. Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website)Posted on Sun 27/06/21 08:20 PM

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TOPIC: Autobiographie von Gertrude Lawrence

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