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Is there a course on du Maurier?
Hi I was wondering if there is a course or book group to study Daphne du Mauriers books. It would be fantastic to discuss and get some insight into things I may have missed and to get a greater depth from her novels. Kind regards Jeanette
Tue 28/01/20 11:52 AM
Hi Jeannette. We regularly discuss Du Maurier's works at the Fowey Festival in Cornwall every May (this year the dates are 8-16 May). I run book groups there which focus on a new novel or work each year. Check out www.foweyfestival.com to find out more and feel free to contact me if you would like further information. Best wishes, Dr Laura Varnam (laura.varnam@univ.ox.ac.uk)Posted on Fri 07/02/20 11:37 AM

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TOPIC: Is there a course on du Maurier?

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