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"The Glass-blowers" historical context and basis in reality
I'm writing my dissertation about "The Glass-blowers", and it's hard to find information about the real historical figures who may or may not appear in the novel (the significant historical ones excepted, or course) There's an article on this website about George Busson du Maurier, but that's about it.
Mon 04/11/19 08:27 AM
Two suggestions to get you started would be the books that Anne Hall has written about the du Maurier's. If you can read in French, her first book 'Sur Les pas de Daphne du Maurier: Au pays des souffleurs de verre', will be useful. Additionally, her second book 'The du Maurier's Just As They Were' includes information on the glassblowing part of the family. The other resource worth contacting is the Special Collections Archive at the University of Exeter, who hold a large collection of du Maurier family papers. Good luck with your research and let us know how you get on. Ann (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website).Posted on Mon 04/11/19 08:38 AM

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TOPIC: "The Glass-blowers" historical context and basis in reality

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