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Why is it that Daphne did not give the wife a name?
Fri 02/08/19 08:18 AM
From what I remember reading she couldn't think of one.Posted on Mon 05/08/19 10:46 PM
I remember reading in an interview that Daphne said she looked at it as a Kind of exercise for herself - to see whether she could go through an entire novel wihout a name for the woman. Interestingly enough, right in the beginning of the novel, the second Mrs de Winter says something like "He complimented me on my name, which people have told me before is an unusual one".Posted on Tue 06/08/19 08:56 AM
I've read in her biography bij Tatiana de Rosnay, that she wanted her to stay a bit mysteriously.Posted on Fri 16/08/19 12:29 PM
I am not very knowledgeable about du Maurier, but I would have thought that it just added to the dramatic construction of the novel. The second Mrs de Winter was such a non-entity (in her own and others' minds) that she wasn't even deserving of a first name. She was just 'the second wife of Mr de Winter.' Or, that 'uncouth, brazen hussy', as Mrs Danvers might have put it. Posted on Thu 09/04/20 02:26 PM
A stage play a Rebecca dramatised by Daphne du Maurier opened in London on 5 April 1940 with Margaret Rutherford playing Mrs Danvers. I have read elsewhere that the play was in rehearsal in September 1939 when the war began and all theatres were closed. The actress Marda Vanne was in the cast although I don't know what part she was playing. Does anyone know about this production that was postponed because of the war?Posted on Sat 19/06/21 02:48 PM
To provide some information for the person who put the piece about Rebecca on the Daphne du Maurier website Forum on 19th June 2021, and to seek more information, it anyone can help, we have written an article entitled 'Early performances of Rebecca, the play Daphne du Maurier adapted from her novel of the same name', which can be found on our Interesting Facts page. Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website)Posted on Tue 22/06/21 08:07 PM
I think Rebecca and Mrs de Winter is one person. Posted on Tue 31/05/22 05:57 PM

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