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New poems
Whilst I've seen films, I'm not an avid follower, but the 'early works' new poems are described in the Daily Mail as being on an A4 sheet of paper. At such time would A4 be available in the UK, where Foolscap was the normal page size? But perhaps she toured abroad and aquired some, although a brief web search has provided little advice on travel. Just a thought Regards
Wed 17/04/19 01:50 PM
I think the key to your question is that you read about the hidden poems in the Daily Mail. It would seem that they paid little regard to the historic nature of the poems and even less to the availability of A4 paper when the poems were written. Somehow coming from that particular newspaper one can hardly be surprised! Perhaps you should raise this point with the Daily Mail. Ann.Posted on Wed 17/04/19 01:55 PM

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TOPIC: New poems

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