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Rebecca's Footsteps
I had been anticipating this programme with considerable pleasure, not realising that it was shown at the festival. in St fimbarrus two years ago during the festival, and found it disappointing. Unlike Madame de Rosnay's book at that time, which was a splendid atmospheric read!
Mon 25/02/19 10:57 AM
Thank you for submitting this piece to the Forum Sam. We agree that this beautiful French documentary about Daphne du Maurier lost some of its charm (and accuracy) when it appeared on British television last week with American voice-overs. We felt that a British actress would have been a better choice for the voice of Daphne herself, perhaps even Kristen Scott Thomas who was the voice of Daphne in the original French language version. We also though that Tatana's voice-over was particularly poor. Having said that we have had a huge number of positive comments, via phone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, from people who watched the documentary, saying how much they enjoyed it and learned more from it, sometimes despite the American narrator. The documentary has already had a fresh impact on sales of Daphne du Maurier's books and also Tatiana de Rosnay's recent biography of Daphne. It has definitely raised Daphne's profile again and brought her new followers. Ann. Posted on Mon 25/02/19 11:09 AM
Hi Ann, I accept your point regarding the positive response to the documentary; anything that raises awareness of Daphne's writings, and person has to be positive. I have my tickets for the festival in May and am 'ready for the off'. You mention Kristen Scott Thomas as a better voice for Daphne than the person chosen, and can see the advantages of that;. With respect to all concerned, and on a maybe playful note, it occurs to me that the best voice of all for Daphne would be her daughter, Lady Tessa Montgomery. That lady gives me 'goosebunmps' when she speaks publicly for she seems to me to be her mother reincarnated! Best Wishes all! SamPosted on Fri 15/03/19 08:24 AM
I liked the documentary as a whole,though, for me, it was too short!Hope that we can watch a British doco.soon! For a person living in Australia, it is difficult to find earlier documentaries on the lady anywhere.Perhaps some kind soul can suggest old titles a ''down under'' man? All the best, Cuthbert LethbridgePosted on Sat 23/03/19 04:35 AM
Hello Cuthbert, Have you seen the interview that Daphne did with Cliff Michelmore; it's not a biography obviously, but does provide more insight into Daphne and her works. Just seeing the lady 'live' as it were, and hearing her voice, always moves me very much. I guess our 'fount of all knowledge', Ann at Bookends of Fowey, will be able to help you access that particular screening. Also Tatiana de Rosnay's biography reads more like a novel and is a wonderful, sympathetic, deeply informed take on Daphne's life! , Regards, Sam Rimington (05/04/2019)Posted on Fri 05/04/19 09:31 AM
Reading the above about "Rebecca's Footsteps", which I have not seen, reminded me of an interview carried out by Wilfred De'Ath, at Daphné du Maurier's home in Cornwall. I take pleasure in watching it over and over again and find her totally charming and very interesting to speak to. This, by the way, is available to view on the BBC iPlayer. Marian ThompsonPosted on Tue 20/02/24 08:44 PM

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TOPIC: Rebecca's Footsteps

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