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Fred Yates, Artist 1922 - 2008
I have in my possession a copy of 'Vanishing Cornwall' discovered in Cornwall. Inside is a hand-written dedication by Daphne which reads 'To Fred & Ursula, with best wishes for Christmas,sincerely Daphne de Maurier 1983'. I am researching the book on behalf of a local charity and am hoping to eventually find out who Fred and Ursula were. The nearest I have come, is to a painter called Fred Yates who lived in Fowey around the same time as Daphne. I have already unearthed a few interesting facts. For instance Fred made a pen & ink watercolour of Daphne's house, Bodinnick; He was a member of the Grenadier Guards and spent time in the Household Cavalry, as did her husband, Sir Frederick Arthur Montague Browning. Fred also has a connection with Arnhem as did her husband. I would be really grateful if someone in the forum could be of more help. Thank you. Christine Shefford
Sun 04/03/18 06:58 PM

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TOPIC: Fred Yates, Artist 1922 - 2008

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