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House on the Strand.
Yesterday I saw the new DVD of My Cousin Rachel. Looks great, and set me thinking! How I wish film makers would have a go at "House on the Strand", my favourite story. It may well have been difficult previously maybe, but, now with judicious use of 'Blue Screens' and CGI (is it?), surely a really good job of it might be made? Best Wishes, all.
Tue 20/02/18 09:47 PM
The House on the Strand is my favourite of her books and I am just back from a few days exploring the area around Tywardreath. It would seem ideally suited to a film version and it is surprising it hasn't been done yet. It is a shame Kilmarth is so inaccessible. I took a photo of a corner of the roof through the locked iron gates and failed to catch a glimpse of the tunnel mouth.Posted on Sun 20/05/18 11:53 PM
I read House on the Strand several times a year. I will never tire of this story. I, too, think it would be wonderful if they would make a movie of it. Posted on Fri 09/08/19 09:35 PM

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