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William and Annie Walford
I am a descendant of the Walford Family who ran concert parties and started touring in 1877. I am writing a book about my family and trying to prove a Du Maurier connection. I was given the following information by my cousin:'William Walford settled in Fowey, Cornwall,and ran the cinema with his wife Annie. It is obvious that William and Annie lived a bohemian lifestyle in their younger days and moved in influential circles with Daphne Du Maurier and Marconi as part of their crowd.' Advice please.
Fri 22/09/17 07:31 PM
Sally, As you know I have been researching the Walfords and my gg grandparents for years. There is a marvellous site (Noahs Arc, Fowey who have a huge following. Researching my mothers side the paternal (Welsh's) brought a huge response from the Polruan people. When I moved to her maternal side (The Walfords) information was almost non existant. I have photos showing the Annie, Willie, Iris and Hilda (Peggy) with significant contacts - they were in Fowey terms movers and shakers but almost impossible to get information on them. One thing is absolutely certain - The Welsh Maids were an Annie\ Willie business with no input from any other family members. From Campanology Sam (Chard), Willie (Fowey) and Clarrie (Tavistock) not only opened cinemas they also had 'pop up' films and newsreels in many southwest villages.Posted on Sat 12/09/20 04:53 PM

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