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Dr Laura's tweet
Dr Laura has tweeted a link elsewhere about the Shelley Memorial at Oxford. The memorial is beautiful, moving, and very special indeed. Loving, Romantic, all these words come to mind. I first came across the memorial, oddly enough, in an episode of the TV Morse spin off series about 'Lewis'. In an episode called 'And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea' (Shelley of course), mysteries have to be solved involving a young autistic savant. I thought that episode the best of all the series. I have always thought that the acting there, especially by the young actor playing the savant, was incredibly good, sensitive and not overplayed! Great direction, in part, of course Just a thought! Coincidentally, I have just read "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night'time"  by Mark Haddon, at my sister's urging, and though not initially 'my type of book', I loved it! Written from the viewpoint of an  autistic person, I found it sad, funny, and very moving, It made me realise how complicated lives could be for some people. Best Wishes everyone, especially Dr Laura, whose roll in our du Maurier world provides me with a link here. Sam
Sun 30/07/17 07:25 PM

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TOPIC: Dr Laura's tweet

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