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Signed Copy of Rebecca - Need help identifying
I have two copies of Rebecca. One is a 1st Edition Published by Doubleday Doran in 1938, the Second one is the signed copy published by the Blakiston Company. It is a Triangle Books edition published by arrangement with Doubleday Doran I believe in 1945. Does anyone have information on this edition as to possible value?
Sat 18/02/17 06:14 PM
It is difficult to put a value on a book without seeing it or without a bit more information. One of the main things which decides on the value of a modern first edition book of fiction, such as Rebecca, is if it has a dust-wrapper or not. Condition is also very important. If you would like to you can contact me, at Bookends of Fowey (, with some more information about your books and perhaps some pictures and I can give you an idea of their approximate value. Ann Willmore. Posted on Sat 18/02/17 06:24 PM

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TOPIC: Signed Copy of Rebecca - Need help identifying

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