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A Sandhurst tradition
On the front page of yesterday's Times is a picture of Major Middlemiss riding his horse through the doors of Sandhurst to end the Sovreign's Parade for new officers. It reminded me that this tradition was started by Daphne's husband Lieut.General Browning when he was Adjutant. Lady Flavia Leng, writes about her father riding a horse up the steps of Old College after the Passing-out-Parade in her book A Daughter's Memoir (pp.13/14). Collin
Sun 18/12/16 02:58 PM
Hi Collin, I too saw the splendid picture of the horse and rider entering the hall at Sandhurst and thought it looked remarkable. I'd forgotten, if I ever new, that the tradition originated with Daphne's husband. What I don't know, and hope you or someone can tell me is WHY he did it! Regards SamPosted on Mon 19/12/16 04:14 PM
Hi Sam, Sorry for delay in replying to your query. There are several explanations of the origin of the Sandhurst tradition on pp.37-39 of Richard Mead's excellent biography of Lt Gen Sir Frederick Browning, 'General Boy'. Take your pick. I've always suspected it was rooted in the adjutant's discipline of the cadets. A happy new year and look forward to seeing you again I hope at the Fowey Festival in May. Best. CollinPosted on Tue 03/01/17 07:35 PM
"it was rooted in the adjutant's discipline of the cadets". I don't have any real awareness of military matters, so still wonder why "Boy" had to ride his horse indoors to discipline the cadets! Sounds a bit bizarre! Best Wishes, SamPosted on Sat 07/01/17 05:43 PM

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TOPIC: A Sandhurst tradition

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