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A short story called 'Happy Christmas'
I was working in my local library yesterday, and in a quiet moment I noticed in a 'front on' display dedicated to Christmas, a little book by Daphne called 'Happy Christmas'. Only a little book, just a 30 page story, in a hard cover. Indications showed that it had been relegated to the 'Stack' where rarely required stock is saved. Up in the attic as it were! Reissued in 1984, it was originally published as a private press book in 1942, right in the middle of World War 2. It is totally wonderful, in so many ways. Most particularly it reveals the attitudes of that time, upper middle class comfort set against the desperate plight of others. It brings home very vividly the plight of refugees, which is so relevant today, and retells the Nativity story! I think it truly remarkable, and as powerful as anything Daphne has created. What a true artist she is!
Sat 17/12/16 02:28 PM
This can be bought from, the secondhand dealer, for£8. It is a bit of a collector's piece.Posted on Tue 17/01/17 09:23 AM
Many years ago. a friend in Australia sent me a copy of "Happy Christmas". It is a delightful story & I often reread it around Christmas time.Posted on Mon 06/03/17 05:37 PM
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I just read "Happy Christmas," having discovered it in my local library yesterday. It is a 1940 edition with a red cover embossed with a sprig of holly. I am, as ever, impressed. Daphne packs so much in -- there is so much not only in what she writes but just as much, it seems, in what she doesn't write, doesn't put into words, but that you are left feeling. Every time I discover a book of hers that I was previously unaware of, I am grateful. (Before "HC" it was "The Parasites." What a great library I live near!) Enjoy your site. Thank you.Posted on Fri 06/09/19 10:07 PM
the story of class and prejudice just shows that nothing has changed in the last 80 years. its the story of Jesus born in a stable. we don't know what happened to this baby but can only hope it was a happy event. the Lawrence's may be prejudiced but one can see the seeds of change perhaps. Mrs Lawrence intends to visit the family - we can only hope she does. Perhaps Daphne du Maurier is drawing on her own childhood somewhat. i found this a very modern story and maybe somebody ought to write a sequeal.Posted on Thu 31/12/20 10:06 PM

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TOPIC: A short story called 'Happy Christmas'

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