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Jamaica Inn
If the ship wreckers were stealing the cargo from the ships that they wrecked, why were they living in such abject poverty?
Thu 13/10/16 07:34 PM
Hello (Spoiler alert) after sharing the spoils of their wrecking, the majority of the villagers would probably only obtain sufficient recompense to stave off, for a while at least, the worst effects of their abject poverty! Also I suspect that the 'lions share' of the loot would go to the leader, in this case the albino. It's ever thus. Regards, Sam.Posted on Sat 26/11/16 07:53 AM
I think too that if all the miners and neighbours and church goers downed tools to go to a wreck there would be about two thousand to share the spoils, likely there would be fighting, you could end up with nothing or dead. Posted on Sun 16/04/17 06:45 AM

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TOPIC: Jamaica Inn

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