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It's strange how things come around isn't it? Long forgotten memories come back to us,and we find more there than we envisaged! I saw recently the obituary in the Times of Gloria DeHaven, a name I had completely forgotten, but remember now from my early film going years. She was blonde and ebullient, and a musical film actor, as I remember her. Apparently she was an actress too, appearing not only with Lucille Ball, but Joan Crawford and Paulette Goddard also. Ms deHaven was married four times, was a friend of Nancy Reagan, quoted Ingrid Bergman's mantra, (that one needs good health,and a bad memory), listened to Tommy Dorsey's Big Band, and enjoyed READING THE NOVELS OF DAPHNE DU MAURIER. A rather tenuous link, but a timely reminder that a public face rarely reveals a whole person. Although, admittedly, the reference to Daphne came in Gloria deHaven's 'resume' of 1940! So, 'yer pays yer money, and yer takes yer choice! Best Wishes all Sam
Sat 20/08/16 05:50 PM

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