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film rights to "House on the Strand"
Who owns the film rights to "House on the Strand"?
Fri 08/07/16 07:38 AM
The Film / Tv rights to ' The House on the Strand ' are slightly complicated in that Hammer Films own them for the UK and the rest of the world whilst the American rights are held by Du Maurier Productions Ltd.Posted on Sat 09/07/16 11:30 AM
Hello, While I cannot comment upon the legalities regarding film rights, I must comment upon the mere idea of a film production of what is arguably my favourite story by Daphne. Over the years there have been films made of a number of the books, all interesting in different ways, although a veil might be drawn over the recent serialization of Jamaica Inn, which sank without trace due to audio problems! Up tp now I guess my favourite film interpretation would be Rebecca; the Olivier/Fontaine version. I remember as a young person seeing the film and being left with the frightening image of fire consuming the huge letter 'R' on the beautiful counterpane, and mad Mrs Danvers being killed by falling roofbeams as Manderley burned. I feel hairs on my arm shift at the mere mention of 'Manderley'! The film never palls for me. Were a film to be made of 'House on the Strand' one would hope that directorial and practical considerations would not force too great a shift from the writer's original story line. Not to give too much of the story away to anyone fortunate enough not to have yet experienced it, the idea does occur to me that modern technological innovations could easily overcome practical problems with the story. It might be remarked too, that the Tywardreath Players production of the story during the Daphne du Maurier Festival a few years back, would be hard to beat; I remember actual express trains speeding past the play venue, echoing the the story line, and again blurring the space between fiction and reality. Best Wishes Sam Rimington. Posted on Mon 11/07/16 07:57 AM
I just finished an old yellowed first edition paperback copy printed in 1970, that was in a box of books given to me. It was delightful as was "Frenchman's Creek" but with the modern twist added in. I agree with Sam above, that it would make an exciting movie and could be easily done with the technology today. I hope a great group of people with a terrific director and producer will pick up this project and bring us a thrilling film! I would like to ask others some questions: (1.) What actors do you think should be cast in the parts; and (2.) Do you think the modern time should be the late 1960's as when written, or now? I would love to read your ideas! Posted on Sun 30/10/16 06:49 PM
Set in the time when Daphne wrote the story, would bring it closer to her vision, and closer to how it looked in my imagination. 'Updating it' might dissipate the atmosphere, and make it less 'Daphne', which would be sad, I think at least. No clues about casting, beyond retaining it's Cornish flavour. A big name American in the lead, with a good adopted British accent might aid sales abroad! Best Wishes all. SamPosted on Thu 22/12/16 08:53 AM
A friend of mine wrote a (German) sequel to "The House on the Strand". It's excellent and I really don't understand that supposedly she cannot publish it because of copywright issues (sequels and prequels to "Rebecca" have been published in the past).Posted on Wed 13/06/18 05:01 PM
In reply to the question from the person asking about a German language sequel to The House on the Strand and the question of copyright, please can I point you in the direction of Curtis Brown. They are Daphne du Maurier's literary agents and are the people who can answer all questions on copyright relating to her work. They can be contacted at: Curtis Brown Haymarket House 28-29 Haymarket London SW1Y 4SP Tel O2O 7396 66OO Ann.Posted on Tue 03/07/18 06:51 PM

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