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Fowey Festival of Arts & Literature
Another Festival over and time to reflect on our experience. I still associate the Festival with Daphne despite its title or the minority of events directly concerned with her work. For me, renewing friendships with many passionate du Maurier fans, is an important aspect. I hope many of us have completed and returned the Festival questionnaire with our feed back. But don't forget the improved du Maurier website, due largely to the ongoing dedication of Bookends' Ann Willmore. Opinions expressed on this Forum page are also considered by the Festival's organising committee. So please share any ideas you may have to ensure the continued success of this event? If you did not receive the questionnaire please indicate which events you enjoyed and otherwise. Thank you. A Festival fan.
Mon 16/05/16 11:44 PM

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TOPIC: Fowey Festival of Arts & Literature

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