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Best Short Story????
Hi, I've only just discovered the Website! I visited "Bookends" when I was last in Fowey a couple of years ago; was thrilled to discover the owner was a Du Maurier obsessive - as I have been for many years! Many's the time I've walked the countryside around Menabilly, driven past Kilmarth and LONGED for just a glimpse inside both... I discovered that the only place one can get a sight of Menabilly is from the gate next to the little church next door; the one where they held Daphne's funeral, I believe? If you stand behind the gate and look down over the fields towards the sea, you can see the chimneys of the house over the trees..just! Have since found out that one can stay in the holiday cottage there and have free range of the day!! Anyway, I would like to hold a Poll as to which of Daphne's short stories people think is the best....difficult, I know; they are all superb. My own would be: 1) The Alibi 2) Not After Midnight 3) Monte Verita ...but I could go on and on. Sometimes I re-read them (altho I practically know them by heart!) - just because they are SO well-written; they're like old friends. Last year, I had a horrible cold-like virus that went on for weeks - and when I didn't have the strength to get out of bed, I heard them again; I guess because they were a sort of comfort blanket! And because, like all great Authors, Du Maurier could transport you away from the real world. So come along, guys and girls....your best three of Daphne's "shorts", please! (and a brief reason or two why they are your faves!) Liz
Sun 03/04/16 10:19 PM
Liz, My choices of favourite short stories: 1 The Way of the Cross, full of du Maurier ridicule, 2 And Now To God the Father about an anarchic vicar; despairing but absurdly amusing and seemingly allegorical viz Daphne's essay This I Believe. Third choice a tie between The Limpet evoking classic confrontation techniques executed by a delusional narrator. A truly psychological comedy in bad manners per Sheridan's School for Scandal. The other Don't Look Now. Slowly unfurling,well paced drama. CollinPosted on Mon 25/04/16 04:24 PM
I love most of her short stories, but if I must pick one out it would be "Monte Verita". Posted on Sun 08/05/16 10:21 PM
I'm currently reading du Maurier's short stories for my Masters dissertation, and I absolutely love them. I'm still working my way through them, but, so far, my favourites have to be The Doll, The Apple Tree, Happy Valley, Monte Verita and Not After Midnight; I think in that order! NataliePosted on Tue 24/05/16 04:42 PM
Just take any of Daphne's chapters or pages. Any book will do the job. Posted on Mon 18/12/17 11:59 PM

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