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George du Maurier
Reading George du Maurier's epitaph in The Hampstead churchyard reminded me of the full poem from his novel Trilby. Daphne mentions this poem in her biography:Gerald:A Portrait and in Letters from Menabilly, Portrait of a Friendship, Oriel Malet writes how much Daphne loved and quoted the last two lines. A little work, a little play To keep us going-and so, good-day! A little warmth,a little light Of love's bestowing-and so, good-night! A little fun, to match the sorrow Of each day's growing-and so, good-morrow! A little trust that when we die We reap our sowing! And so-good-bye
Sun 20/03/16 03:21 PM
Shelving library books recently, I found I had a copy of a book referred to as "The First Detective Novel". It is called "The Notting Hill Mystery" by Charles Warren Adams, (ISBN 978 0 7123 5859 0). Apparently the story was originally published in serial form, not unlike Dickens work, and, like Dickens serializations, was illustrated, in this case by George du Maurier As a long standing illustrator for Punch Magazine, itself unique, George du Maurier was ideally placed for other work in the field, and The Notting Hill Mystery is a prime example of his work. The detail is remarkable, and especially so given the eye problems with which he was afflicted! A truly remarkable gentleman, and a fine artist!Posted on Sun 27/03/16 09:42 PM
Is there an example of George du Maurier's illustrations for Punch Magazine available to see? I've read in quite a few books recently what a great artist he was.Posted on Sun 22/10/17 09:15 PM
Apart from A Legend of Camelot is anyone aware of any poetry published by George du Maurier?Posted on Thu 25/04/19 11:45 AM
When scouring bookshelves at Wimpole Hall two weeks ago, I came across an extremely old version of Punch. It was number 9 of a series. It was full of sketches which, unfortunately, were not signed. Had it been signed, I would have snatched it without hesitation. In view of this, I decided not to purchase it. One not sure my move was a mistake as last year, I bought a first edition of Rebecca, written by Daphne dated 1938 in the same bookstore.Posted on Thu 15/02/24 06:34 PM

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