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My Cousin Rachel
Talk of a new version of My Cousin Rachel is interesting, although my initial thought leaves me wondering how memory will rate it! Can a remake really surpass or even equal the earlier film I remember so vividly? Cast names mentioned so far, meaningless to me, may prove very successful, but I will have to wait in hope! It was 1952, I was fourteen or fifteen, and I was deeply impressed by the story of possible murder and certain suspicion, as played by Olivia de Havilland, (fiercely competitive sister of Joan Fontaine (the new Mrs de Winter in Rebecca!) and by a young Richard Burton. It was my first cinematic encounter with him, and his intensity was almost frightening! He had been appearing in films for five or six years by the time 'Rachel' came out, but I have only the vaguest memory of 'Last Days of Dolwyn', (about a Welsh village being submerged to create a reservoir maybe?); and of 'Corn is Green' I've no recollection at all! When Burton appeared as the young Philip Ashley I was suitably, or unsuitably, most impressed! I think maybe My Cousin Rachel is my favourite of Daphne's novels, along with House on the Strand, (and Rebecca, of course!), and to this day I puzzle to decide whether Rachel was angel or devil. Daphne apparently had the same problem. Like Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel too has a wonderful opening line, "They used to hang men at Four Turnings in the old days", which surely hints at things to come! In this story another line I find equally potent, "Rachel my torment". Ouch! Best Wishes
Fri 18/03/16 06:56 PM
The new remake of My Cousin Rachel stars Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin and is to be released in 2017. I know nothing of Sa Claflin, but Rachel Weisz is a wonderful actress and hopefully will do a great job as Rachel. It's hard to imagine the new film can compete with the rendition with Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland. I love that film and have seen it many times. Posted on Sun 28/08/16 12:26 AM
Could Rachel have planted the letters in Ambrose's coat and books? Both letters mentioned Ambrose's unsigned will leaving everything to Rachel. Rachel suggested to Philip that he give the clothes to the local people, whom he was visiting on a regular basis. They would probably find the letter and give it to him. Philip would then ask Rachel about the will and she would have it handy. Posted on Fri 27/01/17 09:53 PM
I read that Rachel is set in 1830 and 1836 about. Queen Victoria and Pince Albert were married in 1840. He brought the tradion of the Christmastree to Engeland. As the royal couple planted the Christamstree, a German tradition, everyone followed suit. In the book Philips remembers from the day he was born! that here was such a tree in Ambrose's house. So end 1840 plus 25 (his age) the book was set in 1865 or later. Not 1830'sPosted on Mon 18/10/21 01:38 PM
In het Nederlands heet het boek Rachel. Hier in dit forum wordt over "Mijn neef Rachel" geschreven. Dat is fout! Het moet zijn: Mijn nicht Rachel". Niet "neef". Wie heeft deze fout gemaakt?Posted on Tue 26/10/21 03:11 PM
In the post written on 26th October 2021, the sender says that the novel is called Rachel in The Netherlands. The title in the UK is My Cousin Rachel. I think something is getting lost in translation, which is causing a little confusion. Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website).Posted on Fri 29/10/21 11:35 AM

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