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The Marriage Season by Jane Dunn


Jane Dunn and her biography about Daphne du Maurier and her sisters

Many of you will already know the renowned biographer Jane Dunn, who wrote the magnificent book Daphne du Maurier and her Sisters: The Hidden Lives of Piffy, Bird and Bing (2013).  During her writing career, she has written seven biographies on subjects including Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell, Queen Elizabeth I and her cousin Mary Queen of Scots, and Mary Shelley.  Now, for the first time,  she has turned to fiction and created The Marriage Season (2023), the first in a trilogy of Regency fiction.  

This is a massive change of direction for Jane, but she describes the start of this new phase in her writing as a sudden delight that hit her out of the blue.  Jane’s first biography was Moon in Eclipse: A Life of Mary Shelley (1978), and it was while writing that book that she fell in love with the Regency period, the history of the Napoleonic Wars, and the poets Byron and Shelley.  In fact, when reading The Marriage Season, you will catch a glimpse of Lord Byron, surrounded by his admirers.  The book is set in 1812 when Byron published Childe Harold and was sprung to rock-star status.

Jane's new Regency novel The Marriage Season

As a biographer, Jane is very aware that history matters, so in her Regency novels, the stories and characters are historically and linguistically accurate but unashamedly romantic.  Whatever happens in the plot, all ends well.  So, they are the perfect escape in these difficult times. 

The second book in Jane’s Regency trilogy is An Unsuitable Heiress, which will be published in May 2023.

The Sunday Times have this to say about The Marriage Season:

Bestselling author Jane Dunn brings the Regency period irresistibly to life in a page-turning novel packed with surprising revelations, which all comes wittily, gloriously, good in the end.  Perfect for fans of Gill Hornby, Janice Hadlow, Jane Austen, and anyone with a Bridgerton-shaped hole in their lives.

The Marriage Season by Jane Dunn is published in paperback (ISBN: 9781804835319), hardback, ebook and audio by Boldwood Books.  

Boldwood Books is a fast-growing and prize-winning small publisher that is trying to make its connections with bookshops easier, but certainly, at the moment, the quickest access to Jane’s book is through Amazon.

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