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The Daphne du Maurier Society of North America announces its first meeting for 2021

The Daphne du Maurier Society of North America is holding its first meeting of 2021 on Sunday 14th March.  This meeting will be about Daphne’s novel The Scapegoat.  Professor Sarah Berry, from the University of Dallas, will be the speaker. 

Sarah holds a BA from Baylor University, an MA in English Literature from Boston College and a PhD from the University of Connecticut.  She specialised in 20th-century poetry and drama and is currently working on a transatlantic study of verse dramas written in the last hundred years.  She is now on the faculty of the University of Dallas.

Sarah will discuss various aspects of The Scapegoat, including a close dissection of the narrator – the multiple problems he faces, the blunders he inevitably makes, the narrow margin by which he escapes detection, and the changes he brings about in the intricate web of lives in the story.

If you can attend, RSVP –

This looks as if it will be a splendid meeting, and we look forward to hearing about it afterwards.

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