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One of Daphne du Maurierís youngest followers writes about Rebecca

The Daphne du Maurier Society of North America has sent us this charming letter so that we, at the Daphne du Maurier website, can share it with you all.  It was written by twelve-year-old Madison, who must be one of Daphne du Maurierís youngest followers.

Madison is the daughter of one of the members of the Daphne du Maurier Society of North America.  She watched the movie with her motherís graduate students at the University of Texas in Austin and afterwards wrote this letter to Rebecca.  The letter doesnít say, but I am assuming it was the original movie starring Joan Fontaine and Lawrence Olivier.

Many of us read Daphne du Maurierís books when we are young, maybe aged twelve or thirteen, and then return to them again and again later in life.  It is a joy to know that youngsters are still interested in and enjoying her work.

Thank you, Madison, for sharing your letter with us.

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