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St Austell Voice reports on new adaptation of Rebecca

If you live in the Fowey and St Austell area, you may well have seen a short feature discussing the new Netflix adaptation of Rebecca, in this week’s issue.  We were delighted when journalist Natashia Swift messaged me from the newspaper last week.  She asked if she could put some questions to me about what it is that makes Daphne du Maurier’s work so timeless and why it continues to keep generations of people entertained.

Much has already been said about the new adaptation of Rebecca.  People have been anticipating it for a long time, and now, as people begin to watch the new movie, all sorts of views and opinions are being offered.  So, it is a good feeling to know that this local weekly newspaper has brought this story right home to where it belongs, at beautiful and secretive Manderley/Menabilly, on the beach at Polridmouth and in the little town of Kerrith/Fowey.

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