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A word about Daphne du Maurierís short stories




Daphne du Maurier wrote over fifty short stories, many of which have a dark side or an unexpected twist in their tale, but sometimes are mocking or funny or simply beautiful in their own right.  Currently, with much on our minds, a short story might be just what we need to take us away from the worries of coronavirus for a while. 

My absolute favourite of all du Maurier's short stories is The Happy Valley, a ghost story, partly set in the place that Daphne later used as a setting in Rebecca, it is beautifully descriptive, haunting.  It leaves you with lots to think about.

I have updated the short stories bibliography, here on the Daphne du Maurier website, so that it now not only lists the titles of Daphne's short story collections but also lists the individual short stories in each collection.  

You will find the list here: https://www.dumaurier.org/bibliography_list.php?id=2&bid=1.  Have a look, choose a title or a collection and off you go!

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