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Daphne du Maurier's books are a suggested read on many people's lists

Many people are posting listings of recommended books to read while we are all confined to our homes, and to our great joy, Daphne du Maurier is nearly always one of the authors listed.  Many of you will know her work already.  If you haven't read her, I want to tell you a little bit about her writing. 

She always supports her main storyline with magnificent descriptions, which will take you with her to the places she describes, often into the wide-open countryside or down to the seashore, in the area surrounding Fowey in Cornwall, where she lived.  What a treat to go to those places in our minds, while we can't in reality. 

I suggest Frenchman's Creek for younger readers.  For everyone else, just dive in and chose any one of Daphne's titles; you won't be disappointed. Don't forget Daphne du Maurier was NOT a writer of romantic fiction for women.  There is plenty to absorb everyone, and her plotlines will keep you guessing and begging for more.

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