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New York Public Libraryís 125 Books We Love

New York Public Library is celebrating its 125th anniversary and, we agree with them that, this is the perfect moment to celebrate and reaffirm the enduring power of libraries. 

One of the ways that they are doing this is by honouring, 125 books We Love, the books that made us fall in love with reading from the past 125 years.  The 125 books that the Library has chosen, span a far-reaching and wonderful range of books.  We are especially happy to see that Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is included in the 125. 

Do have a look to find at which books made it onto the list.  You will find books you have read and know well, books that you always meant to read and books that you donít really know.  Itís a great list.  https://www.nypl.org/books-more/recommendations/125/adults

We wish New York Public Library a very happy 125th anniversary.

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