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The Blue Lenses chosen as the short story for Halloween podcast

Backlisted, the fortnightly literary podcast, presented by John Mitchinson and Andy Miller, has chosen the Daphne du Maurier short story The Blue Lenses as the book to be discussed on their Halloween podcast on Monday 28th October.

Backlisted was launched nearly four years ago and is now one of the most popular book podcasts. Each episode features a guest (usually a writer) who has chosen a book they love and which they think deserves a wider audience. Although Backlisted is sponsored by the crowd-funding publisher Unbound, it isnít about selling new product; it is about how and why some books stand the test of time.

Each podcast is presented by John Mitchinson, publisher of Unbound, the platform where readers crowdfund the books they really want to read, and Andy Miller, author of The Year of Reading Dangerously (2015), with a featured presenter, on this occasion du Maurier expert Dr Laura Varnam.  As well as lively, well-informed discussion the podcasts include readings and audio clips of the featured author.   

The Blue Lenses first appeared in Daphne du Maurierís collection of short stories The Breaking Point published in 1959 but is not a particularly well-known piece.  You will find that it makes perfect Halloween readingÖ

To find out more about Backlisted, click here:

and to listen to the podcast on Monday 28th October click here:



If you canít wait for next Monday, there are lots of other interesting Backlisted podcasts that you can catch up on, covering a wide range of authors and subject matter.  There is even a previous mention of Daphne du Maurier concerning her novel Rule Britannia in podcast number 78. Edith Wharton Ė Ghosts. Click here:

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