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Daphne du Maurier

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Daphne du Maurier’s books in Bhutan, South East Asia

The national flag of Bhutan

We know that Daphne du Maurier has followers all over the world.  At Bookends of Fowey we send her books to customers in many different countries.  One of our customers, Cuthbert, who lives in Australia, buys Daphne du Maurier titles regularly and is particularly interested in how many different editions of Rebecca there are.  He recently contacted me to say that while on holiday in Bhutan in South East Asia he had come across a book-shop called The Junction Bookstore in the capital city of Thimphu.  To his surprise and joy he found two Daphne du Maurier paperbacks for sale there and the shop’s owner told Cuthbert that he had sold a 1980s copy of Rebecca only a few weeks before.  In the upstairs of the bookshop is a tiny café with portraits of famous authors on the wall… and there was Daphne’s picture among them.  We are delighted to know that Daphne and her works can be found in even the more remote and unlikely corners of the world and we thank Cuthbert for sharing this with us.


The Junction Bookstore, Thimphu, Bhutan



Inside the Junction Bookstore, Thimphu, Butan

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