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My Cousin Rachel film update

19th February 2016.  The likelihood of a film for cinema of Daphne du Maurierís novel My Cousin Rachel seems to be increasing.  Before Christmas it became clear that Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin had been cast for starring roles in the new movie.  This week it has been suggested that Holliday Grainger will also join the cast.

News filtering through so far indicates that the writer-director Roger Michell will be reworking the novel and setting it in more modern times.  However young Philip will still be at the heart of the story, which sees his guardian Ambrose die in circumstances which may incriminate Rachel.  However the beguiling Rachel side-tracks Philipís concerns when he becomes emotionally involved with her.

In the original novel Daphne du Maurier left the ending to the readerís imagination, later saying that even she did not know if Rachel was innocent.  It will be interesting to see how the film-makers decide to conclude the story.

My Cousin Rachel, US first edition 1952

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