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An Article about Jamaica Inn in Haunted Magazine

Haunted Magazine, issue number 35, has just been published, and it includes a fascinating five-page article about the history of Jamaica Inn.  The article tells us that the first building on this site, on Bodmin Moor, was erected in about 1760 and about how the Inn may have got its name.  In those days, the Moor was a feared and dangerous place.

 Firstly, the article takes us through those early years and its potential as an ideal place for smugglers to hide and distribute their booty.  Then, it moves on to when the Inn became a Temperance House, the two visits that Daphne du Maurier made in the early 1930s, and her subsequent novel, Jamaica Inn, inspired by those visits. 

It then tells us about the Innís more recent history, complete with many tales of ghosts and apparitions, which are still seen to this day. 

It is a great article, definitely worth reading.  If you would like to buy a copy of this edition of Haunted Magazine, please click here:

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