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Rebecca returns to Vienna in September 2022

Rebecca, the Musical thriller based on Daphne du Maurierís most famous novel of the same name, makes its return to the Raimund Theatre in Vienna in September of this year.

German-language musical authors, Michael Kunze & Sylvester Levay, created this magnificent masterpiece, which premiered at the Raimund Theatre, Vienna, in September 2006 and has since been seen by over 2 million people worldwide, having been performed in twelve countries and in ten languages, including brief returns to Vienna.

Rebecca begins as a romantic love story at Manderley Castle, gradually developing into a gripping thriller with much intrigue and some dark surprises.  The performance is beautifully staged with magnificent sets, many special effects and moving melodies accompanied by a live orchestra.  The media describe this adaptation of Rebecca as a musical experience in a class of its own and one that should not be missed.  

Francesca Zambello, director of the original production, is recreating the show for this revival run with Simon Eichenberg (Choreography) and Peter J Davison (Set Design).    

Willjemein Verkaik, Mark Seibert and Nienke Latten

Mark Seibert will play the part of Maxim, the second Mrs de Winter will be played by Nienke Latten, and West End and Broadway leading lady, Willjemein Verkaik, will play the part of Mrs Danvers.       

This Musical promises to be an absolute treat.     

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