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More about Daphne du Maurier and Rebecca at the Queen’s Reading Room

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Last week, we told you that Daphne du Maurier’s most famous novel, Rebecca, has been chosen as one of the four books selected by Her Majesty the Queen for the current season at the Queen’s Reading Room. 

This week, lots of new images, quotes and videos have been added to the Queen’s Reading Room Instagram pages.  You will find some lovely photographs of Daphne and her family, pictures of Rebecca, and a podcast in which the Queen discusses Rebecca.

The Queen image

Her Majesty the Queen

Here is a quote from the Queen talking about Rebecca:

Daphne du Maurier’s chilling story is one that, once read, is never to be forgotten.  The former Mrs de Winter, and not to mention Mrs Danvers, somehow dominate every single page.  As a result, I personally have returned to Manderley again and again.

There are also fascinating interviews with du Maurier biographers Jane Dunn and Tatiana de Rosnay.  Joanna Lumley talks about the novel Rebecca and its influence on her; Tom Goodman-Hill reads a passage from Rebecca in which the unnamed narrator describes one of her early encounters with Maxim de Winter, and Emelia Fox reads a passage from early in the book when the second Mrs de Winter first arrives at Manderley and meets Mrs Danvers and the rest of the staff.

Jane Dunn image

Jane Dunn

Jane Dunn wrote the biography of Daphne du Maurier and her sisters, entitled Daphne and Her Sisters: The Hidden Lives of Piffy, Bird and Bing, published in 2013.  She currently has two Instagram videos on the Queen's Reading Room.  The first is Jane Dunn is in conversation with the Queen’s Reading Room on Menabilly, and the second is On Jealousy and Rebecca.

Tatiana de Rosnay Image

Tatiana de Rosnay

Tatiana de Rosnay was the first to write a biography about Daphne du Maurier in the French language, published in 2015.  It was translated into English and published in the US in April 2017 and then in the UK in October 2017.  It is called Manderley forever: The Life of Daphne du Maurier.  Tatiana’s Instagram videos are Tatiana de Rosnay in conversation with the Queen’s Reading Room on Being Haunted by Rebecca, and On Not Being a Romance Writer.

Joanna Lumley Image

Joanna Lumley

Actor, author, television producer, and activist Joanna Lumley discussed in her podcast why she thinks the novel Rebecca is a cut above the rest.  The section about Rebecca is also at Joanna Lumley in conversation with the Queen’s Reading Room podcast on Rebecca.

Tim Goodman-Hill image

Tim Goodman-Hill

Tim Goodman-Hill played Frank Crawley in the 2020 film Rebecca, which also starred Lily James and Kirstin Scott Thomas.  Listen to his piece, Tim Goodan-Hill reads for the Queen’s Reading Room – Rebecca.

Emelia Fox Image

Emelia Fox

Actor Emilia Fox starred as the second Mrs de Winter in a 1997 television series of Rebecca that was filmed on location in Cornwall, also starring Charles Dance and Diana Rigg.  Listen to her piece, Emilia Fox reads for the Queen’s Reading Room – Rebecca.

Do go to the Queen’s Reading Room Instagram page and see all the Daphne du Maurier-related delights that are in store for you

February 2024.

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