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Bibliography: Daphne du Maurier - Short Stories




Happy Christmas

Todd Publishing Co., London1942
Doubleday, New York1940

Nothing Hurts for Long and Escort

Todd Publishing Co., London1943
(part of the Polybooks series)

Spring Picture

Todd Publishing Co., London1944


Vallancey Press Ltd., London1944
(part of the Todd Publishing group)

Consider the Lilies

Vallancey Press Ltd., London1945
(part of the Polybooks series)

London and Paris

Vallancey Press Ltd., London1945
(part of the Polybooks series)

Leading Lady

Vallancey Press Ltd., London1945
(part of the Polybooks series)

Indiscretion and Other Stories

Polybooks Ltd., Londonc1945
(Indiscretion, Angels and Archangels, Piccadilly and Weekend)

The Apple Tree: A Short Novel and Several Long Stories

Victor Gollancz Ltd., London1952

Kiss Me Again Stranger

Doubleday, New York1953
(includes two short stories that are not in The Apple Tree

Early Stories

Todd Publishing Co., London1955

The Breaking Point

Victor Gollancz Ltd., London1959

The Breaking Point

Doubleday, New York1959
(includes one short story that is not in the UK edition)

The Treasury of du Maurier Short Stories

Victor Gollancz Ltd., London1960
(includes the stories that are in The Apple Tree and the UK edition of The Breaking Point)

The Lover and Other Stories

Ace Books Ltd., London1961
(includes Escort and the stories from Early Stories)

The Birds and Other Stories

Penguin, UK1963
(originally published as The Apple Tree)

The Blue Lenses and Other Stories

Penguin, UK1970
(originally published as The Breaking Point)

Not After Midnight and Other Stories

Victor Gollancz., London1971

Don't Look Now and Other Stories

Doubleday, New York1971
(includes the short stories that are in Not After Midnight)

Don't Look Now and Other Stories

Penguin, UK1973
(originally published as Not After Midnight

Echoes From the Macabre: Selected Stories

Victor Gollancz Ltd., London1976
Doubleday, New York1977

The Rendezvous and Other Stories

Victor Gollancz Ltd., London1980

Split Second and Other Stories

Chivers Press, Bath1980
(a Large Print edition)

Classics of the Macabre

Victor Gollancz Ltd., London1987
Doubleday, New York1987

The Doll: Short Stories

Virago Press, London2011
Harper, New York2011

The Doll: The Lost Short Stories

Cemetery Dance Publications, USA2011
(a hard back edition)

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