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Daphne du Maurier

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Bibliography: George du Maurier - Related Books




Partial Portraits

by Henry James, Published by MacMillan and Co., London
Includes a chapter entitled George du Maurier, originally published in Century Magazine, US, with the title du Maurier and London Society. It mainly discusses George's work at Punch.1888

The History of ‘Punch’

by M.H. Spielmann. Published by Cassell and Company Ltd., London
Includes many references to George du Maurier and a specific section pages 503 – 516.1895

Trilbyana: The Rise and Progress of a Popular Novel

edited by J.L. & J.B. Gilder. Published by The Critic Co., New York
A slim paperback book in a limited edition of 250 discussing all aspects of the ‘Trilby-Mania’ that developed because of the immense popularity of the novel. 1895


by Mary Kyle Dallas. Published by The Merriam Company, New York
An example of several novels produced as a result of the huge success of Trilby. This one is a parody, reversing the story so that the art students are three young women and the central character becomes a young man called Billtry. 1895

In Bohemia with du Maurier

by Felix Moscheles. Published by T. Fisher Unwin, London
A memoir of the time Moscheles and du Maurier spent together in the 1850s and including 63 original drawings by George du Maurier. 1896

The Life and Letters of Alfred Ainger

by Edith Sichel. Published by Thomas Nelson & Sons, London
Alfred Ainger was a friend of George du Maurier. This book includes a chapter about George as well as other references and letters written from Alfred to George. c1900

Thomas Armstrong C.B. A Memoir 1832 - 1911

edited by L.M. Lamont. Published by Martin Secker, London
Includes a chapter entitled Reminiscences of George du Maurier. Thomas Armstrong was a very old friend of George du Maurier. In this chapter he looks back on the times they shared together and with James McNeil Whistler. 1912

George du Maurier - the Satirist of the Victorians: A Review of His Art and Personality

by T. Martin Wood. Published by Chatto & Windus, London
A biography looking specifically at George du Maurier’s work rather than his personal life.1913

Glimpses of Authors

by Caroline Ticknor. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, New York
This book includes a chapter entitled Du Maurier, Moscheles and Others, which describes the author’s interview with George du Maurier at New Grove House, Hampstead. 1922

George du Maurier and Others

by C.C, Hoyer Millar. Published by Cassell and Company Ltd., London
Charles Hoyer Millar was George du Maurier’s son-in-law; he was married to Beatrix. This book includes many interesting references to George, his family, friends and colleagues.1937

All Of A Piece: New Essays

by E.V. Lucas.
Includes an essay entitled George du Maurier at Thirty-Three. It is based on extracts from George’s diary for part of 1867 - 68, just after the entries later used by Daphne du Maurier in her book The Young George du Maurier: Letters Dated 1860 – 67.1937

George du Maurier: His Life and Work

by Derek Pepys Whiteley. Published by Art and Technics, London
This book includes information on the life of George du Maurier, his drawings and illustrations and a list of books that he illustrated. 1948

The Young George du Maurier: Letters 1860 – 67

edited by Daphne du Maurier. Published by Peter Davies, London
Some background biography and a selection of George du Maurier’s letters written during his early years working as an illustrator in London.1951

A History of Punch

by R.G.G. Price.
Includes many references to George du Maurier.1957

Essays by Divers Hands: New Series – Volume XXX

edited by N. Hardy Wallis. Published by Oxford University Press
This book includes the essay George du Maurier and the Romantic Novel by Lionel Stevenson, which was originally presented at the Royal Society of Literature on 20th June 1957. 1960

George du Maurier

by Leonee Ormond. Published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, London
The most comprehensive biography of George du Maurier.1969

George du Maurier

by Richard Kelly. Published by Twayne Publishers, Boston, US
This book is a biography of George du Maurier and a literary criticism of his novels. 1983

The Art of George du Maurier

by Richard Kelly. Published by Scolar Press, Hampshire
This book begins with an introduction on the life and times of George du Maurier and then goes on to show and discuss his art and illustrations.1996

Captivated: J M Barrie, the du Mauriers & the Dark Side of Neverland

by Piers Dudgeon. Published by Chatto & Windus, London
Discusses J M Barrie's relationship with the du Maurier family and includes many important and thought provoking references to George du Maurier.2008

George du Maurier: Illustrator, Author, Critic Beyond Svengali

edited by Simon Cooke and Paul Goldman. Published by Ashgate, Surrey
A critical assessment of George du Maurier’s multi-faceted career as illustrator, novelist and producer of composite image/text.2016

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