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Is it really impossible to go and explore any part of the estate ? Do the Rashleigh family ever allow an open day etc . I know you can stay in holiday accommodation, does that allow more access of the estate ? And are there blood red rhododendrons? ? Many Thanks
Sun 19/02/23 09:38 AM


Menabilly, one of the houses that Daphne du Maurier lived in and the one that is the setting for much of Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel and The King's General, is, and always has been, owned by the Rashleigh family. The current member of the Rashleigh family that owns it lives in the house as his permanent home. He is a very private person and does not choose to open his house or the surrounding gardens to the public. This means it is impossible to explore the estate at all, as that would be trespassing! People staying at the holiday cottages on the Menabilly estate are free to wander through the grounds. However, they are expected to respect the Rashleigh family's privacy by not intruding on the area close to the main house. There are many beautiful red rhododendrons on the Menabilly Estate. I'm not sure that I would call them blood red, although, from Daphne du Maurier's point of view, that did give more resonance to her descriptions.

Posted on Tue 21/02/23 04:57 PM

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