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'An analysis of the character Jack Favell, in the book and film.
The relationship of Jack and Rebecca versus Jack and the second Mrs deWinter.
Fri 30/09/22 08:18 AM


This morning, at the Daphne du Maurier Forum, we received the above comment from Maura McPeak about the character of Jack Favell in the novel and film Rebecca. She then sent two more comments which are both interesting points, which, to keep the subject matter together, I include here. If you have anything to add to Maura's words, please contribute by submitting a response through the Forum or emailing us at Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website). 1). I haven't read the novel in a few years, but I absolutely love the 1940 movie. My favourite character is sexy, menacing Jack Favell. He makes a great entrance by stepping through the window into the drawing room and leering up and down at poor Mrs. de Winter! Posted on Fri 30/9/22 12.14am. Posted by Maura McPeak. 2). The only connection I think of is the actor George Sanders, who appears in both films. Of course, this connection has nothing to do with a du Maurier story. Posted on Fri 30/9/22 12.22am. Posted by Maura McPeak.

Posted on Fri 30/09/22 12:39 PM

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TOPIC: 'An analysis of the character Jack Favell, in the book and film.

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