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Is there a course on du Maurier?
Hi I was wondering if there is a course or book group to study Daphne du Mauriers books. It would be fantastic to discuss and get some insight into things I may have missed and to get a greater depth from her novels. Kind regards Jeanette
Tue 28/01/20 11:52 AM


Hi Jeannette. We regularly discuss Du Maurier's works at the Fowey Festival in Cornwall every May (this year the dates are 8-16 May). I run book groups there which focus on a new novel or work each year. Check out to find out more and feel free to contact me if you would like further information. Best wishes, Dr Laura Varnam (

Posted on Fri 07/02/20 11:37 AM

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TOPIC: Is there a course on du Maurier?

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