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Mary Fox, friend of Daphne
My late mother stayed with Mary Fox between 1951-52 in Point Neptune Cottage, I believe. She was single and pregnant at the time, having been discharged from the Women's army. Circumstances were complicated, so I don't want to elaborate here. However, if any one could help in providing further information about this good lady, I'd be most grateful. It's a long shot, but any information may help me discover the identity of my biological father.
Sat 30/03/19 04:58 PM


Mary Fox and her sister lived next door to us in Lerryn for many years, but sadly passed away about 5 years ago. They were related to the acting family, and maybe Edward Fox might be able to provide some information as he was very close to both his aunts.

Posted on Wed 01/01/20 09:08 AM


I've only just found your response. Thank you! I've often wondered if Mary Fox might be related to the acting family. This has given me another avenue to explore.

Posted on Mon 20/01/20 05:27 PM

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