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House on the Strand.
Yesterday I saw the new DVD of My Cousin Rachel. Looks great, and set me thinking! How I wish film makers would have a go at "House on the Strand", my favourite story. It may well have been difficult previously maybe, but, now with judicious use of 'Blue Screens' and CGI (is it?), surely a really good job of it might be made? Best Wishes, all.
Tue 20/02/18 09:47 PM


The House on the Strand is my favourite of her books and I am just back from a few days exploring the area around Tywardreath. It would seem ideally suited to a film version and it is surprising it hasn't been done yet. It is a shame Kilmarth is so inaccessible. I took a photo of a corner of the roof through the locked iron gates and failed to catch a glimpse of the tunnel mouth.

Posted on Sun 20/05/18 11:53 PM


I read House on the Strand several times a year. I will never tire of this story. I, too, think it would be wonderful if they would make a movie of it.

Posted on Fri 09/08/19 09:35 PM


I, too have read "The House on the Strand" many times in my 77 years. In 2019, I searched the internet for a play based on the novel, since I am an actor and director in community theatre. I found only one reference; a Cornwall community theatre called Tywardreath Players that had recently performed the play, and my inquiry revealed it was written by their director Richard Hope-Pears, who has since passed away due to a heart attack. He has written plays based on many of Daphne du Maurier's novels, and had a close working relationship with "Kits" Browning. I live near Chicago, Illinois USA and my wife and I had scheduled a tour of Cornwall for June 2019. Long story short, Richard and I became friends, and he gave me permission to direct his dramatization of "The House on the Strand", even giving me his working script, costume and properties plots, etc. We are returning to Cornwall in Sept. 2021, but we will sadly miss our friend and theatre companion.

Posted on Tue 09/03/21 03:45 PM

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