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Rebecca published in foreign languages
We have been asked if Rebecca has been published in any of the following languages - Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, and Latvian. Can anyone help with this?
Mon 07/03/16 10:51 PM


After some research, I have found that Rebecca was available to buy as follows: Norwegian language. For sale on Published by Gyldendal Norsk. Swedish language. For sale on Amazon, published by Modernista. Finnish language. For sale on Amazon Estonian language. For sale on Amazon,published by Orto. Latvian language. The book is mentioned on Goodreads. Published in 1990 by Liesma. I hope this helps with your research. MT

Posted on Thu 15/02/24 06:22 PM


A big thank you to MT for her research into the availability of the novel Rebecca in foreign languages. This is a really useful piece of information. Ann Willmore (on behalf of the Daphne du Maurier website).

Posted on Fri 16/02/24 11:57 AM

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