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Daphne du Maurier: Double Exposure - Donít Look Now, on BBC Radio 4

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One of the highlights of the BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra fortnight of Daphne du Maurier programmes takes place this afternoon at 3pm on Radio 4.  It is the brand new dramatisation of Daphne du Maurierís brilliant short story, Donít Look Now.

At 2.45pm, also on Radio 4, is the regular Sunday afternoon programme Opening Lines, hosted by John Yorks.  It explores books, plays and stories and how they work.  This week, to start us off on our Donít Look Now afternoon, John discusses Daphneís short story, which he describes as the story that defined thriller writing.

So settle down and enjoy this excellent dramatisation of what we at the Daphne du Maurier website think is Daphneís scariest story by far.

Donít forget, if you canít listen live, all the Daphne du Maurier programmes being broadcast during this special fortnight will be available on BBC Sounds. 

We understand that people will be able to pick up the programmes on BBC Sounds wherever they live, so overseas listeners will be able to enjoy these programmes too.  You will just need to wait for the programmes to be broadcast once, then they will go onto BBC Sounds.

March 2024.

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